Seal Dive

The Seal dive was an experience lets just say that!

After already having the seal dive cancelled once, I kind have wished I had had more time to prepare!!!   It’s amazing that something you practice on land or in a swimming pool can seem so simple, until you get on a dive.

I have not been on a dive quite like this one, firstly a lady next to me was flapping around and ended up tangling my respirator in her BCD.  She was frantically pulling away and if it hadn’t been for remaining calm and the Dive Master who knows how it would have turned out.

Secondly the beautiful cute seals turned out to be in a pretty nasty mood.  Trying badly to figure out the settings on my camera, a seal came from behind and went straight for my head, biting and pulling my hair.  Thankfully Louis was behind me and fought it off.  Apparently the seals also bit the Dive Master on the head and charged another diver in the ribs!

Needless to say, these three photographs are all I have to show!  Underwater photography is HARD!