Hong Kong


Hong Kong is a vibrant city, full of hustle and bustle. There are countless jewellery shops, fast food chains and most interestingly Chinese medical stores.  Walking into one of the many Chinese medicine stores will baffle you with the items of unknown dried products on offer.  Asking about these weird items only leaves you with more questions.

Another highlight of this city is the Happy Valley race course; there is an air of excitement, the bright lights, the flowing alcohol and seemingly the entire expat community of the city having a good time.  Bets can be as little as $3 which makes this affordable horse racing and entry to the track is only $1.  If you are in Hong Kong on a Wednesday, this is a must see and do entertaining evening.

Nightly there is the Promenade light show, where at 8pm the skyscrapers across on Hong Kong Island synchronize lasers with music providing a free 30 minutes of entertainment.  I actually thought this was quite tacky but if you’re a photographer you can get some really nice shots of light being reflected over the water.

There are also other less expected treasures about this city, such as “The Dragons Back” hike which allows you to see the ocean and the city and a huge Buddha statue on a hill by the airport.  Hong Kong offers as much non-urban activities as urban, I think this is its charm, you can even go diving!  However I have been told that mainly you are diving with insane amounts of rubbish and virtually no visibility.

Hong Kong is the type of place where surprises are almost the norm as you never know what you are going to find around the next corner.  Happy exploring!