March 13

Township in Mossel Bay

township blog-13

We drove down the hill progressively getting to the poorer area in the township.  Compared to the slums in Kenya, where there are no brick houses and lots of open sewers that the children are playing in, the township was poor but I saw enough brick houses and they had portaloos instead of nothing.  I played around with three different lenses, the fisheye, the wide lens and the telephoto lens.  As soon as I started photographing the children appeared insisting, “Photo, photo, photo!”

The children were interesting and fun to take photos of and naturally they all wanted to themselves previewed on the back of the camera, which was entertaining to a point until greasy, dirty fingers were touching all over the camera.  I moved away from the children and started taking shots of the houses and the amazing views they had over the bay.  It made a change to have some pretty dilapidated buildings with an amazing view, which normally would have only been for the millionaire’s mansions.