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March 26

Seal Dive

The Seal dive was an experience lets just say that! After already having the seal dive cancelled once, I kind have wished I had had more time to prepare!!!   It’s amazing that something you practice on land or in a swimming pool can seem so simple, until you get on a dive. I have […]

March 26

Ostrich Riding and animal sanctuary

Riding an Ostrich was excellent fun, but nothing like riding a horse.  I think riding a horse is more comfortable!  The animal sanctuary was excellent and finally feel like the things I am learning here in the internship I am actually able to think about and put into practice when I want.

March 26

Cango Caves

Fun at Cango caves, crawling through spaces and listening to stories of people getting stuck.

March 26


Trying to take interesting photographs of people filming elephants is harder than I imagined.  However I did manage to get a few photos of Ryan and Ryette hard at work for the documentary of the soon to be rehabilitated elephant Tandora.  Gondwana is a private reserve that is slowly rehabilitating more and more animals back […]

March 18

Monkey Land and Birds of Eden Shoot

Monkey World and Birds of Eden really tested my photo skills.  The animals were moving fast and most of the shots were either in low lighting or patchy light.  Having thought I captured nothing good, you can see here that some of them actually came out quite beautiful!  Enjoy looking.