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March 26

Seal Dive

The Seal dive was an experience lets just say that! After already having the seal dive cancelled once, I kind have wished I had had more time to prepare!!!   It’s amazing that something you practice on land or in a swimming pool can seem so simple, until you get on a dive. I have […]

March 26

Ostrich Riding and animal sanctuary

Riding an Ostrich was excellent fun, but nothing like riding a horse.  I think riding a horse is more comfortable!  The animal sanctuary was excellent and finally feel like the things I am learning here in the internship I am actually able to think about and put into practice when I want.

March 26


Trying to take interesting photographs of people filming elephants is harder than I imagined.  However I did manage to get a few photos of Ryan and Ryette hard at work for the documentary of the soon to be rehabilitated elephant Tandora.  Gondwana is a private reserve that is slowly rehabilitating more and more animals back […]