Insect Macro Shoot

This is a slight shift from my recent posts, a first attempt at macro photography with my new lens.  All these photographs were taken in my garden in Kisumu, within a five metre radius!  I wish insects were a little slower, as I find them more interesting than plants and flowers.  I believe I have lots of room for improvement, but am reasonably happy at first try.  I have started to notice things about each insect that I’d not even considered before, such as the fly having what looks like two suction pads as a foot.  I am able to get extremely close to the insects with this lens (less than 10cm), which sometimes freaks me out when those little spiders decide to jump right at me, especially after we have just had a stare out with all their eyes!

I hope on my next shoot I can try come up with some more creative/abstract shots of things I see around me in Kisumu, Kenya!