Etosha National Park, Namibia

Etosha national park totally took me by surprise.  In the North Western corner of Namibia, it is a truly wonderful place to go on safari.  When I visited it was dry season and this meant a great amount of animals were around waterholes therefore very easy to spot all kinds of animals drinking and grazing together.  What is even better about this national park is that each of the 3 campsites are based next to watering holes and even have spot lights on in the evening so you can see many animals right next to where you sleep.

I managed to see lions, zebra, many different types of antelop, large groups of mongoose, too many giraffes to count and many other animals.  If you are in Namibia this is a must see, you can even drive around in a 2 x 4 vehicle.  Check out my photos for more inspiration.